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What an amazing closing of the 2014 WESTERN PROVINCE AQUATIC SWIMMING GALA LEAGUE 7 as our eight (8) mighty swimmers garnered total of whopping 35 MEDALS ag

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17 MEDALS were garnered during the 1st day of the Western Province Senior League 7 Gala held in Cape Town, South Africa.

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PSL swimmer Mctracy John "TMAc" Alindogan won 2 gold medals in 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke and a silver medal in 100m backstroke during the first day of the 2014 Western Province Aquatics (WPA) Swimming Gala.

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Prepared to be mind blown by how amazingly beautiful Cape Town, South Africa is! The team is so lucky to have seen this wonderful paradise! It sure is worth travelling!

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After two days of travel, the PSL Team finally arrived at the beautiful land of Cape Town, South Africa. The PSL Team are composed of Former Senator Nikki Coseteng being the Head of Delegation, PSL President Susan Papa, PSL Sec. Gen. Maria Susan Benasa, coach Sonia Baltazar, Manila Times media representative Emil Noguera and Swimmers Denjylie Cordero (Rizal), Jifrey Azor (Bicol), McTracy John Alindogan (Pampanga), Emanuel Joshua Lorbes (Las Pinas), John Carlo Doragos (Quezon City), Portia Kate Doragos (Quezon City), Kyla Soguilon (Aklan) and Micaela Jasmine Mojdeh (Paranaque). They are also supported by parents Catherine Lorbes, Joan Melissa Mojdeh and Maria Victoria Soguilon.

PSL is indeed very proud of the achievements of these young kids.

We pray for their safety stay in the largest city of South Africa.



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The following officials, coaches and swimmers going to BANGKOK SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 29-30, 2013.

Philippine Swimming League President Susan Papa
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Any coach or parent who is interested in availing of this program must submit certain requirements.

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