PSL Team triumphs anew in SICC Invitational

Philippine Swimming League (PSL) wrapped up its campaign with a 28-gold, 27-silver, 24-bronze medal showing on the final day of the 2017 SICC Invitational Swimming Championship held at the Singapore Island Country Club in Singapore.

Aishel Cid Evangelista, Micaela Jasmine Mojdeh, Richelle Anne Raine Callera, Trump Christian Luistro and Kevin Chan led the charge of the PSL tankers as they shattered records in their respective age bands.

Evangelista established new marks in the boys’ 7-under 100m freestyle (1:19.26) and 100m breaststroke (1:51.57) as well as Callera in girls’ 7-under 50m butterfly (41.54), Luistro in boys’ 8-9 200m Individual Medley (3:10.47) and Chan in boys’ 7-under 50m butterfly (38.81).

For her part, the reigning Female Swimmer of the Year Mojdeh dominated the girls’ 10-11 50m butterfly via a 31.52-second record-breaking feat – better than the 31.73-second record of Rio Olympics gold medalist Joseph Schooling during his age group days.

Mojdeh was unstoppable as she registered another mark in the 100m breaststroke by virtue of her 1:24.64 clocking, besting the 1:26.92 previous mark in the tournament.

“Imagine that, she’s [Mojdeh] breaking not only the records in her age band but also the record of Joseph Schooling during his age group days. She’s really on track of making it to the Olympics. We just need to guide her properly, give her proper exposure and training program,” said PSL President Susan Papa.

Sharing the spotlight were gold medalists Risha Melvin De Guzman (boys’ 10-11 200m IM, 2:47.07, and 100m breaststroke, 1:25.21), Nathan Sason (boys’ 12-13 200m IM, 2:40.15, and 100m freestyle, 1:02.16), Kyla Soguilon (girls’ 12-13 200m IM, 2:41.10, and 100m freestyle, 1:05.31), Martina Anela Estrella (girls’ 8-9 100m freestyle, 1:26.28, and 50m butterfly, 31.76), Lee Grant Cabral (boys’ 10-11 100m freestyle, 1:06.79, and 50m butterfly, 31.76), Kristine Austria (girls’ 16-17 100m freestyle, 1:11.53, and 100m breaststroke, 1:26.54), Andrea Pacheco (girls’ 18-over 100m breaststroke, 1:28.93) and Master Charles Janda (boys’ 8-9 50m butterfly, 37.86).

The team also bagged gold medals in the 4x50m medley relay events through the performances of Marc Bryan Dula, Coby Rivilla, De Guzman and Cabral (boys’ 10-11); Kiara Acierto, Tara Beard, Gwyneth Annayo and Callera (girls’ 7-under); Ruben White, Arbeen Thruelen, Neil Salvador and Sason (boys’ 12-13); Azze Dasion, Chloe Laurente, Alexi Gapultos and Soguilon (girls’ 12-13); Enzo Malayang, Lucio Cuyong II, Chad Espinas and Mac Quiambao (boys’ 14-15); Bea Quiambao, Jayani Balutan, Alexandra Cortes and Austria (girls’ 16-17); and Andrea Abalos, Louise Ligutan, Sharmaine Sumampong and Alister Corpuz (girls’ 18-over).

The silver medal winners were Triza Tabamo, Jenn Sermonia, Albert Sermonia II, Kiara Acierto, Heather White, Gregg Marasigan, Alexandra Cortes, Janda, Mojdeh, Rivilla, Chan, Quiambao, Pacheco, Cuyong, Evangelista, Dula, Thruelen, Soguilon, and the boys’ 8-9 4x50m medley relay, girls’ 8-9 4x50m medley relay, girls’ 10-11 4x50m medley relay, girls’ 14-15 4x50m medley relay and boys’ 18-over 4x50m medley relay.

The bronzes were from Rowena Marielle De Guzman, Danielle Pelayo, Leodd Dalman, Tara Beard, Marinoelle Sergio, Nathan Cheng and the Open Mixed 4x50m medley relay composed of Paul Christian King Cusing, Pacheco, Mojdeh and Marasigan.