PSL’s Papa speaks at Anti-Corruption Summit


DECEMBER 1, 2017


Philippine Swimming League (PSL) president Susan Papa was invited to be a presenter in the Anti-Corruption Summit that was held at the Philippine International Con­vention Center from November 27 to 28.

The Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption headed by its founding chairman Dante Jimenez hosted the event in cooperation with the Ban­guard of Philippine Constitution, Inc.

Papa was accompanied by former senator and PSL chairman Anna Dominique Coseteng during her presentation titled “Breaking the Chain of Corruption in Philippine Sports.”

“I hope that my presentation today will help us understand what corruption does to Philippine sports and the urgent need to break that vicious chain that has paralyzed the growth and development of Philippine sports for so many years,” Papa said in her opening remarks.


Papa pointed out that the problem in Philippine sports has been persistent and has turned from bad to worse for the past 27 years since the creation of the Philippine Sports Commission in 1990. She discussed the anatomy of graft and corruption in Philippine sports and stressed the urgency and importance of institutional structure under Republic Act 6847.

“Buhay na buhay po ang mga batang atleta pero pinapatay ang kanilang mga pangarap,” Papa said on how corruption crushes the dreams of young Filipino athletes. THE TIMES