No to Philippines’ hosting of 2019 SEA Games (Conclusion)

In the first two parts of this arti-cle, I have included verbatim a series of posts on social media regarding this issue.

The different reactions came from the media, national sports association (NSA) heads and prominent people in sports.

Here’s the last one from former Senator Nikki Coseteng:

“Chairman Ramirez !!!! You are correct !! DO NOT HOLD SEA GAMES HERE !! It will EXPOSE HOW ROTTEN THE POC IS TO the World!!! If we want to promote tourism … … safety n security are best recruiter of tourists!!!! POC ONLY SALIVATING TO KURA­KOT!!!! That’s why they want games here!! Stand your ground!! Don’t cave in to schemes and PR OF POC TO GIVE THEIR SYNDICATES THE OPPORTUNITY TO GRAB AT big money FOR the CORRUPT to feast on as usual”.

I was in Taipei with the Philippine contingent in the 2017 Summer World University Games when I read that President Rodrigo Duterte has approved the Philippines’ hosting of 2019 SEA Games.

Although President Duterte has approved the hosting of the biennial meet, we must keep in mind that there are lots of areas that we must improve first to ensure the success of the event.

First, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) must examine our dismal performance in the recently concluded 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is our worst in 18 years.

We must scrutinize the role of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and its NSA’s in this lackluster performance.

“History repeats itself, walang programa, kaya talunan”, Coseteng said.

The problem is evident in swimming alone. Since 1986, we haven’t won a medal in the Asian Games except Ryan Papa’s bronze in 1990. But Papa was not trained by a local NSA.

In the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, we managed to send swimmers only via wild card.

In this year’s SEA Games where we could have easily win gold medals, we came home empty-handed.

The reality is only swimmers of the Philippine Swimming League (PSL) are making waves today.

The PSC must invoke and exercise its supervisory, visitorial and disciplinary powers over the NSAs particularly when it comes to the financial assistance extended by the Commission.

As one parent said, “Philippine Swimming, Inc. (PSi) people must have the decency to resign including its President Mark Joseph from swimming kasi bokya na naman tayo ng gold from Swimming, after 2009 wala nang nagawa dito ang PSi.”

Joseph left the country after criminal charges were filed against him. The Sandiganbayan has issued a warrant of arrest for Joseph.

The PSi and its ally the POC have failed the country in the Olympics, Asian Games, and now in the SEA Games. It is a disgrace that the Philippines has sunk to the bottom of the standings in the lowest regional sport competition.

This will continue if the PSC will not intervene and impose the law of the land.

Investigate and conduct inquiry to written complaints/grievances files against national sports association submitted before the Commission for mishandling of financial assistance, intra-corporate conflict, for physical and mental sexual abuse of athletes including sexual harassment cases, and to conduct hearings that will determine the merit of such complaint.

Suspend the financial assistance and other privileges to an NSA with intra-corporate conflict and/or suspended by the POC.

Suspend the grant of financial assistance, monthly allowances and meal subsidies to non-performing athletes and coaches and to those, which does not meet the criteria and observe the guidelines set forth by the Commission.

Mabuhay PSC!!