Great things await the PSL in the United States


FEBRUARY 5, 2018


The grassroots de-velopmental program of the Philip­pine Swimming League (PSL) has gone a long way.

Seven years since it has started, the PSL has created and held a series of local competitions with a total of 131 legs. These numbers mean almost two competitions per month for young and aspiring Filipino swimmers.

In its mission to guide and develop young swimmers, the PSL has encountered many obstacles along the way. Many times because of politics, swimming associations that see the PSL as a rival have prevented swimmers and even coaches from joining our competitions and activities.

This must be put to stop. This kind of system is a clear manifestation of corruption and abuse of power.

These interventions motivated by ill will hamper the development of many young swimmers and ultimately Philippine swimming.

During the recent PSL campaign in the 2018 Bolles School Sharks TYR swimming competition held at the Cecil Aquatics Center in Jacksonville, Florida, many of my friends in the US contacted me expressing their desire to help the PSL.

Among them is my fellow swimmer, who is now a coach in America Alfredo Calpito. Coach Calpito, a former PH national team member will be the PSL director for elite athletes in the USA.

According to him, opportunities will be given to PSL swimmers to compete and train while being enrolled in a US school.

This is what we are aiming for our student-athletes in the PSL—for them to gain free education or scholarship in America.

Yes, we look forward to this great blessing.

The PSL is faithful to its motto, which is, “Gratitude is the best attitude!”

Way to go for PSL swimmers!