Calling the attention of PSC


FEBRUARY 12, 2018


THE past administration of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) has miserably failed to provide the leadership in the development of national sports, particularly in the grassroots level. This is palpable in the swimming community.

Many parents are asking: When is change coming in Philippine Swimming? And when will the axe fall on corrupt members of the POC/NSA?

I have written many articles revealing what is going on in POC and NSA in swimming.

The PSC should have sanctioned the swimming association for the following reasons: Its NSA president, Mark Joseph, has been issued a warrant of arrest by the Sandiganbayan. Also, he was issued another warrant of arrest by the Quezon City regional trial court.

The group’s accreditation with PSC should have been cancelled a long time ago.

The POC has tolerated wrongdoings in swimming.

Members of the swimming community has long clamored for the removal of Mark Joseph as Philippine Swimming Inc. president.

However, the POC never moved to replace Mark Powel Joseph because he sits with them and has full knowledge of the wrongdoings of the POC itself.

The PSC must not surrender its authority to the NSA’s otherwise it will lose its raison d’être as a government agency under Republic Act 6847.

All told, only the President, Rodrigo Duterte, can bring changes in Philippine sports. We are confident that he can put an end to this vicious cycle of corruption, political patronage, and power play in Philippine Sports.

Interference by the government in the affairs of a private entity is justified when it involves the protection of rights of individuals and if it is for the national interest.

At the end of the day, what we want to see is a truly democratic sports-for-all program, without fear or favor.